Monday, July 5

Look@me Poses - Store Informations & Procedures

- All my items are No Transfer, so if you want to buy as a gift, please use

- All poses are static and not designed for AOs (priority 4)

- All poses have the following permissions: copy/mod/no transfer

- Every single pose is sold by an object, which contains the animation and relative poseball (poseball permissions: copy/no mod/no transfer)

- Sometime the pose requests furniture (sofa, chair, pouf) for the best expression. In that case furniture is included in the price pose. Other vendor scenes or furniture are purely as a demonstration.

- Fatpacks have a discounted rate of 20%

- Refund is not permitted.
If pose was not delivered or you have made a double/multiple purchase in error, please send me a notecard within seven (7) days from item purchase with the following informations:

1) Notecard Title: "Problem with Pose Purchase" - "Your Name"
2) In the notecard:
• Date of Purchase
• Transaction ID number
• Debit Amount
• Details about your problem and your relative request

If your purchase has made in world, you can find these informations in: --> your account --> Transaction History
in world --> World Tab--> Account History

If your purchase has made via, you must login to their website with your Avatar Name and Password, click on your name, and then on "My Marketplace Purchases".

If your notecard is approved, you will be contacted as soon as I can.
Failure to submit returns/refunds requests within these guidelines will result in a rejection of your request. No exceptions will be made.

- All poses are created by klita Slade.

Feel free to send me a notecard (IM are often capped) for further informations, requests or suggestions.

Best Regards,
klita Slade
Look@me CEO

Flick Group:

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